I do not look for editorials but this one shows what we are against in the desire to cut fossil fuels and go to renewables.

President Joe Biden pledged unity during his inaugural address, yet he’s wasting no time caving to the destructive demands of his far-left base by taking aim at America’s energy sector. The problem is, this is no longer a campaign, and his decisions now have very real and devastating consequences on families and communities all across our country — especially here in Louisiana.


In this opinion piece, Rep Scalise only speaks of the jobs in oil, not the increasing jobs in the renewable energy field. He speaks of the money generated from oil but not the human and medical cost also affiliated with oil production. He speaks of the environmental good of oil (rebuilding) but not of the anti-environmental effect of pollution and land destruction.

Also, those of us in Louisiana know that energy production and conservation efforts are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they go hand-in-hand. Under an oil and gas revenue-sharing agreement, hundreds of millions of dollars go to rebuilding our state’s vanishing coastline and funding critical hurricane protection projects. Biden’s plan will decimate this critical source of revenue, which means our local communities will experience more coastal flooding from future storms. School systems will have less revenue to educate children.

The battle lines have been drawn and the fear of the mid-East and Russia have been raised. The destruction of our way of life are championed. I will ignore the fact Rep Scalise was one who backed the insurrectionists, trying to upset our government. But this shows what we will encounter as the city tries to go non-fossil fuel and the types of scary arguments which will be used.

Steve Scalise
Steve Scalise, Congressional Portrait
War on oil