Here is our letter of support for the Gulf South for a Green New Deal, recently sent to the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy. We urge you to read the policy proposal and learn more at

Dear Ms Collin,

The Greater New Orleans Interfaith Climate Coalition is happy to learn of the Gulf South for the Green New Deal. We formed our group in early 2020 right at the beginning of the pandemic and have for obvious reasons been tardy in becoming aware of your existence and actions.

We would like to be listed among your supporting organizations and to work with you in whatever way we can. We are essentially an association of the religious institutions of the Greater New Orleans area, and our Steering Committee includes representatives from Catholic, Jewish, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Methodist, Ba’hai, Moslem, Hare Krishna, Unitarian and Baptist congregations so far. 

We teach and act from the perspective that the universe is divine creation and that we are part of that creation, finding meaning in the role of steward. It follows that pollution and climate change are concerns for us, so we witness by publicly speaking and acting when we determine we have the human resources to do so. We are initiating political relationships to become more effective with our government leaders.

We would like to recommend two items for your consideration. It seems to us inclusive to list all frontline communities in Louisiana by name so as to avoid causing any group to feel left out, and it seems appropriate to link the work on climate change to the United Nations Rights of Man since frontline communities are the first affected. It is clear to us that our care for the universe is simultaneously a support for human and civic rights, and we think it appropriate to say so clearly and unequivocally.

With our best regards and enthusiastic hope,

Pastor, Broadmoor Community Church

Written and transmitted by 
Lay Leader, Minister for the Earth
First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans   

We support the Gulf South for a Green New Deal
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