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A meteor came down over Louisiana and the flash was seen in three states.

A meteor exploded over Louisiana this week and the massive fireball was seen in three states, scientists said Wednesday. The “bright” fireball was seen by more than 30 witnesses in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, according to NASA Meteor Watch, the agency’s project that tracks fireball activity. Residents in southwest Mississippi told authorities the shock waves shook their houses.No injuries or property damage have been reported, officials with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said. The fireball was reported at 8:03 a.m. Wednesday and reportedly moved parallel to the Mississippi River, officials said. It was speeding southwest at 55,000 mph, breaking into pieces as it descended deeper into Earth’s atmosphere. The meteor is thought to have been an asteroid fragment that was about a foot in diameter and weighed about 90 pounds, scientists said.

It was first sighted over Mississippi so we were too far south to see much if any of it.

Satellites picked up several bright flashes from the fireball, NASA said, with the first one spotted about 54 miles above the river near Alcorn in Mississippi. The meteor eventually disintegrated about 34 miles above a swampy area north of the Louisiana community of Minorca, scientists said. As the meteor burned up in the atmosphere, scientists said it produced the energy equivalent of 3 tons of TNT, which created shock waves that were felt on the ground. The shock waves produced “booms” and vibrations that were felt by people in the area, NASA said. At its peak, the fireball was more than 10 times brighter than a full moon.

Interesting topic, not one I think I have read, ever. Good it burned up and did not strike the earth.

A meteor disintegrates over Louisiana
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