Day two of Saharan Dust and heat. Not a good combination other than the heat may keep people in so they don’t have to worry about the dust.

An air quality alert has been issued for a second day in a row in southeast Louisiana due to Saharan dust. Children, seniors and people with breathing issues are encouraged to reduce their time outside, officials said. While the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups, it is fine for most members of the general public, according to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. The dust is carried from Africa’s Sahara Desert and across the Atlantic every year. Saharan dust particles began to increase across the state Sunday, forecasters said, and southwesterly winds continue to carry the dust across the state Tuesday. The air is expected to be unhealthy for sensitive groups in most locations in the state Tuesday. Air quality is expected to improve Wednesday as winds push the highest concentration of dust west of Louisiana, officials said. However, there will be lingering dust that will rain. As of 9 a.m., particle pollution between Baton Rouge and New Orleans had become unhealthy for sensitive groups, according to AirNow, which is a partnership of several agencies, including Louisiana DEQ, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and NASA. Air quality elsewhere is expected to worsen throughout the day.
This map from AirNow shows air quality levels across the state as of 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 14. Green is good, yellow is moderate or acceptable, and orange is unhealthy for sensitive groups. Red is the next air quality alert level, which is used to denote areas that are unhealthy for some members of the general public. (screenshot via AirNow)

There are simple things to do if you are one of the groups most at risk.

The air quality Tuesday is expected to be unhealthy for sensitive groups, which include children, teens, older adults and people with heart and lung disease. These individuals should reduce their exposure. Here are tips: Choose less strenuous activities (like walking instead of running) so you don’t breathe as hard, Shorten the amount of time you are active outdoors and Be active outdoors when air quality is better. If you are not in a sensitive category, you can continue your outdoor activities as usual, according to AirNow. Check the current air quality for New Orleans.

Being in my mid-70’s I am sort of in the creful group but I walked the dog 20 blocks with my granddaughter, cut the grass, trimmed the edges, did some weeding and putting down new mulch, and went to the storage facility. I was done by 1130 and was more tired than out of breath. Now I am in.

Another Saharan Dust day
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