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There are reported fish kills that are a result of the heat and storms.

South and central Louisiana are reporting a rash of fish kills that the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries blames in part on soaring temperatures and summer storms.  The agency said recent kills were caused by hypoxia, a depletion of oxygen in the water. High-temperature water has a low capacity to carry dissolved oxygen, jeopardizing the delicate balance between oxygen-producing and oxygen-consuming aquatic life. Thunderstorms with high winds or heavy rain can send harmful runoff into streams and lakes, causing a hypoxic fish kill. While the sight of hundreds of dead fish floating in the water can be shocking, Wildlife and Fisheries said fish kills often lead to a rejuvenated ecosystem that is healthy and naturally replenished in later years.

It may be beneficial but with climate change and increased heat and storms we will see more.

Storms and heat kill fish
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