Courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard

What no one wants has happened. A ship, Hafnia Rhine with Singapore registry, has spilled fuel in the Mississippi.

Up to 2,100 gallons of oil has spilled in the Mississippi River from a tanker near Kenner, the U.S. Coast Guard said Friday. The ship, Hafnia Rhine, spilled the fuel oil into the river Thursday while fueling a barge at the river’s mile marker 115 in Ama, Louisiana. The oil spread to at least 50 barges in the area, the Coast Guard said in a statement. Coast Guard pollution responders deployed to the scene Thursday just after 6 p.m. and the spill was stopped, the release said. Since then, the National Response Corporation and Environmental Safety and Health Consulting Services were hired to help remove the oil from the water, according to the Coast Guard. The services have since placed 2,700 feet of containment boom, a floating barrier used to contain the oil, and 3,320 feet of sorbent boom, a barrier that soaks up oil, around the area where the spill occurred. “The Coast Guard is committed to overseeing a timely cleanup of oil to mitigate environmental impacts through its coordination with partner agencies and the continued assessment of shorelines and waterways,” the Coast Guard said in the release.

No wildlife was involved so the cleanup is a standard one, just the spilled material.

No wildlife are known to be affected by the spill from the Singaporean-flagged tanker and the cause is still under investigation, the press release said.

Never what is desired but fortunately there is a trained response when one happens.

Fuel spill near Kenner
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