Forecasters expect Tropical Storm Earl to take a northward turn on Sept. 5, 2022. Hurricane Daniel, which poses no threat to land, weakened over the Atlantic Ocean. NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER

This is Monday’s update with nothing close.

Tropical Storm Earl has strengthened slightly, but its expected northeastern crawl toward the middle of the Atlantic Ocean poses no immediate risk to Louisiana, forecasters said Monday. With wind speeds as high as 65 miles per hour, Earl’s rainfall could produce some flash flooding in the Leeward Islands, the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. But it is forecast to track north, before taking a slight northeast turn well off the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. Danielle, the first hurricane of the 2022 Atlantic Basin hurricane season, has weakened to as it continues to spin over the North Atlantic. It poses no risk to land. A third tropical weather disturbance, off the African coast, could strengthen to a tropical storm this week, but it’s too early to tell if it will threaten Louisiana.

Hurricane Danielle weakened slightly as it continued to spin in the North Atlantic, posing no risk to land.

Danielle Weakens

Danielle was about 900 miles west of the Azores islands in the North Atlantic. Its tropical storm force winds extend outward as far as 140 miles, forecasters said. The storm’s sustained winds have diminished to about 85 miles per hour, still hurricane strength, and Danielle is expected to continue to weaken slowly over the next few days.

A disturbance off the African coast has a 40 percent chance of forming at least a tropical storm over the next five days.

New disturbance could strengthen

It’s too early to say if the disturbance off the cost of west Africa will threaten the Gulf, but forecasters expect that the grouping of showers and thunderstorms will meet an area of low pressure – conditions that could strengthen the system into a named storm. The disturbance was southeast of the Cabo Verde Islands on Monday morning, with conditions favorable for a tropical storm if it moves west. In the next five days, it has a 40% chance of strengthening into at least a tropical storm, forecasters said.

2022 Season synopsis so far

Storms strengthen from tropical depressions to tropical storms to hurricanes. Hurricanes with the lowest wind speeds are considered Category 1, and the ones with highest wind speeds, 160 miles per hour or higher, are Category 5. Louisiana has stayed dry so far this hurricane season, which runs through Nov. 30. That’s been a welcome lull after Category 4 hurricanes Ida in 2021 and Laura in 2020 walloped the state. Still, experts have cautioned that major storms can form at any time. The next available name is Fiona.

We have been saved so far and the new one looks to be heading for the East Coast.

Hurricane update for 05 September 2022