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Our water system was graded and we did not get an A or B.

On Jan. 1, the Louisiana Department of Health released preliminary grades for 954 community water systems around the state. The grades are part of a new program in which the state issues yearly grades — similar to those for schools — for water systems around the state. Overall, grades were good. Approximately 80% of the systems scored an A or a B. But 130 of them, or 9%, scored a D or and F. Those failing systems serve approximately 450,000 residents, according to LDH Data. So how do you find the grade for your water system? Start at LDH’s general grade information page. From there, scroll about a third of the way down to a colored-coded map of the state. Click on your parish, and you will be taken to a page with a list of water systems in that parish. Click on your water system, and you will be taken to the grade sheet for that system.

Systems were graded on a weighted scale and the final grades will be given on 01 May of every year.

Systems were graded on a weighted scale that included categories for operations and maintenance, infrastructure, water quality violations or the presence of other contaminants. Final grades will be issued May 1, after the systems have submitted additional information on customer satisfaction and financial sustainability. In future years, grades will only be issued every May 1. LDH notes that a low grade such as a D or an F, does not necessarily mean that water is unsafe to drink. A low grade “indicates significant concerns with the long-term viability of a water system,” the website says. Further, brown water can happen even in systems with high grades, and is usually a sign of secondary contaminants such as iron or manganese.  Systems with Ds or Fs will received increased scrutiny from LDH and assistance in returning to compliance. In extreme cases, LDH could take over the system, the website says.

Algiers received B and Carrollton a C.

What was your grade on your water system?
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