On 3-4 November, as fossil fuel companies publish another round of obscene billion-dollar profits, we will take to the streets to show that a world powered by clean and fair renewable energy is not only possible: it is ours to make.

On every continent, in big cities and on small islands, we’ll take action to show that a global renewable energy revolution is within our reach. We’ll spotlight the oil industry’s greed and reclaim the money and power to fund a just future powered by the sun and the wind.

We are taking to the streets because we are outraged. But also because we are hopeful, and determined to use our anger and our hope to resist – and to build a better future for ourselves and our planet. Join us and help Power Up this wave of change!

Across the world, we’re living with the impacts of the climate crisis. For some, that’s deadly heat, wildfires destroying forests and poisoning the air, and millions of people struggling with hunger after four “rain” seasons without rain. For others, it’s extreme storms washing away roads, houses and schools, and the rising ocean claiming livelihoods and farmland.

Even though we struggle – without access to electricity, with rising food and power bills, with extreme weather – we keep going. We’re determined to build a better future. The rapid heating of our planet isn’t a natural phenomenon. It’s a crime committed by a wealthy few for their own profit. While we suffer, fossil fuel CEOs grow richer and richer. For decades they’ve been blocking climate action to protect their obscene wealth. But they’re not untouchable.

The profits the fossil fuels industry makes by digging, burning and polluting, could be used to power hundreds of millions of households worldwide with solar and wind energy. It could insulate homes, keep the lights on in hospitals and schools, ensure stable access to clean electricity everywhere, lift people from poverty and protect all of us from the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

It’s time we break free from coal, oil and gas, and make polluters pay for the urgent transformation we need. As we come together to imagine a better world, we’ll also hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the damage they wrecked.

Across the globe, people are already leading the way towards a clean, just, renewable world, using solutions to the climate crisis as tools of resistance against the toxic fossil fuels industry – showing that another world is possible.

Wind and solar are producing record amounts of clean electricity year after year, and getting cheaper every day. We have all the tools, resources and technology needed to make the energy transition happen. The only thing missing is the political will to put the good of people and the planet above the profits of the oil industry, and reclaim the money our communities need to build this better world.

In November, we’re calling on governments to use all financial means possible to reclaim the excessive profits of the fossil fuels industry. Whether through taxes, by ending subsidies and by stopping all investments in old and new fossil fuel projects, they must use this money to power up the global renewable energy revolution, that is fair and distributes resources equitably around the world.

From calling out rich countries for their historical emissions which allowed them to develop and grow wealthy, to disruptively occupying places where fossil fuel companies display their wealth, and claiming public spaces to share our vision for the future: across the world you can join an event or organize one. Together we grow more powerful, more creative, and more unified in loudly demanding that fossil fuel companies be made to pay for the transition to a just, clean, renewable energy future our world and communities urgently need to thrive.

Let’s power up the future we want!

Our demands are simple:

Pay Up – make fossil fuels companies pay the bill: we must reclaim fossil fuel companies’ illegitimate profits. To start with, our governments should impose taxes on their unjust profits, eliminate subsidies, investments, and loans to coal, oil and gas companies. And instead, they should fund and support renewable energy initiatives rooted in justice.

Power Up – unleash the money to fund renewable energies: governments must redirect financial resources towards renewable energies through all the financial mechanisms possible, on local, national and global levels. These resources should align with the scale and urgency of the climate crisis and ensure a globally equitable distribution of funds.

— from our friends at SunriseNOLA ~ sunriseneworleans@gmail.com /  Facebook /  Instagram

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