Shell’s Mars production platform is seen in the distance just past a helicopter sitting on Shell’s Olympus, a floating deepwater platform, 77 miles south of Venice in the Gulf of Mexico.
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An almost 2 barrel leak onshore shut down 3 oil producing wells in the Gulf. What a consequence!

A pipeline leak of about two barrels of oil forced Shell to temporarily halt crude oil production at three of its drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, the company said Friday. The leak happened Thursday after a flange broke along the Shell pipelines at a pipeline booster station in Fourchon near Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, a company spokesperson said. The booster station maintains pressure and flow in the pipelines. The flange leak, which was contained as of Friday morning, affected the company’s Mars and Amberjack pipelines, which connect crude oil from Shell’s offshore platforms to refiners in Texas and Louisiana.

One of the three is back on line and the others soon will join it but to lose three wells for one leak is interesting.

Amberjack has since been turned back online, but Mars remained shuttered as of Friday morning. Shell expects the Mars pipeline to come back on later Friday. Three Shell platforms were shut down because of the leak: Mars, Ursa and Olympus. The platforms are located about 130 miles from New Orleans. Shell crews are working on a permanent fix to the pipelines that should be completed sometime Friday, the company said.

I never thought of the interconnections of the shore operations and the offshore rigs.

1 leak, 3 platforms shut down
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