Well looky here. The Advocate has a fancy new article that talks about two ways of dealing with all that carbon dioxide (CO2) that’s messing up our planet.

One way is called direct air capture, which means sucking CO2 right out of the air like a big vacuum cleaner. The other way is called carbon capture, which means catching CO2 from places like power plants or factories before it gets into the air. Both ways can either bury the CO2 deep underground or use it for other things like making oil, fuel, or plastic.

The Advocate seems to imply these ways are good for Louisiana, which just got a bunch of money from the government to build two huge direct air capture machines.

But hold on a minute. Is this really the best way to deal with climate change? What about the folks who live near these machines or the places where they dump the CO2? What about the other problems caused by oil and gas and plastic? What about the real solutions that don’t rely on these dirty industries?

That’s what my friend Jane Patton thinks. Now if you don’t know Jane, let me tell you that she’s sharp as a razor and bright as a button. She works for the Center for International Environmental Law, and she’s also the treasurer of the Greater New Orleans Interfaith Climate Coalition. (Hey, that’s us!) She says these ways are false solutions that only benefit the polluters and harm the people and the planet.

Jane’s also part of a group called Louisiana Against False Solutions, which is organizing to fight against carbon capture, hydrogen, and other false solutions to climate change. They want to protect human rights and work towards a just transition in Louisiana. How ’bout them apples?

You won’t hear about Louisiana Against False Solutions in that article from The Advocate, though. They’re too busy telling you how great these machines are and how they’ll save us from global warming. Well, I don’t buy it. Do you?

That’s why I urge you to read the full article and get informed. But don’t let them fool you with their fancy words and numbers. Learn the truth about these false solutions and how they’re hurting our communities and our future. And join us in opposing them and demanding real solutions that work for everyone.

Don’t Let Them Suck You In: The Truth About Carbon Capture and Direct Air Capture in Louisiana