In the 2020 election, Louisiana voters rewarded former President Donald Trump with a massive victory as he carried the state by a 59%-40% margin. While Joe Biden did win the election, his message was not well received by Louisiana voters. Unfortunately, for Louisiana, Trump did not win reelection and the new Biden administration is pursuing policies that are very hostile to the economic interests of the state. Louisiana is already suffering under COVID-19 restrictions as the tourism and hospitality industry has been devastated. Now, another major pillar of our economy, the oil and gas industry, will face an unprecedented challenge.

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Let me get this right. Mr. Biden is only doing his environmental policies because Louisiana did not vote for him and Mr. Trump lost? Shades of the last administration which Jeff Crouere must have supported. He only states the ill effects and blows off the positive actions to make this a personal attack on the state.

Even though he has only been president a few weeks, Biden is moving at a dizzying pace. He has issued more executive orders and actions during his first few weeks than the last several presidential administrations combined. Many of these directives deal with the new administration’s commitment to put climate change initiatives at the forefront of their agenda. The United States has now rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which calls for nations to be “carbon neutral” by 2050. While pursuing “green” policies, the administration will destroy thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industry. In fact, it has already happened. On his first day in office, Biden stopped the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, displacing 1,000 workers from high-paying jobs.

There is also a comment on Cancer Alley which Jeff Crouere also does not support.

Biden justified his decisions limiting oil and gas production as being good for the health of Louisiana residents. He said he was concerned about “cancer alley” in Louisiana, which some experts have attributed to the industrial pollution along the corridor between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Much of this production is related to the state’s oil and gas industry. Sen. Bill Cassidy said that Biden’s comments were a “slam on Louisiana.” The Louisiana Chemical Association claims that the state’s tumor registry does not indicate a “cluster of cancer in the area between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.”

Again, this is another example which the administrations policies will face with entrenched oil interests. Jeff Crouere is a talk show host in New Orleans on Real America.

Biden war on Oil – Because he lost Louisiana?
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