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A third name was proposed for Lee Circle, not what GNOICC has proposed.

The New Orleans City Council Street Renaming Commission settled Wednesday night on its final recommendation for the traffic circle that once hosted a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee: Égalité Circle. The proposal, which would actually apply to the circular park surrounding the still standing pedestal and not to the roadway itself, is perhaps the most debated and closely watched of the commission’s recommendations. The suggestions now go to the City Council, which will decide what changes to make to 34 streets and three parks that were named for Confederate leaders and supporters of segregation. ”Nothing that we do is an attempt to rewrite history. This is, however, us exercising the authority to honor who we choose to honor,” Councilman Jay Banks said at the start of the commission meeting. ”No one can rewrite history, but this city has the authority and the ability and the responsibility to pay respect to the people who we deem are necessary.”

The Advocate

Egalite Circle is to represent the effect of the French and Haitian revolutions, both which impacted New Orleans.

”Égalité Circle will remind us of the aspirations and values upon which of our nation was founded,” Mildred E. Methvin wrote. ”I am proud that New Orleans is leading the way toward truth and reconciliation and healing.” The designation would apply to the park that splits St. Charles Avenue at Howard Avenue, and not the street itself, though that could change when the issue makes it to the council. City Hall considers the circle to be part of St. Charles Avenue, and some opponents of changing street names have pushed for the roadway to be renamed Tivoli Circle, for that was its original name and no ordinances have been found changing it.

The decision is now in the hands of the City so pressure can still be applied to our respective representatives.

Third Name for Lee Circle – not Bulbancha Way
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