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Those of us who have lived up north remember fall as colored leaves and not a heat record.

Thursday’s Fall Equinox broke heat records, pushing back cool weather for another week. In New Orleans and Slidell, residents had a warm start to the season with highs of 96, superseding the previous record for hottest on that date, which was 95 degrees in 1997. “We have a high pressure system right over us. It keeps all the rain away, which keeps the sun out, and it gets hotter,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Hannah Lisney said. “And we also were drier, so that helped push in the hot air.” On Friday, Baton Rouge tied the record for hottest day with a high of 95. The warm weather is expected to continue through Monday with highs up to 90. A cold front from the Northeast will start blowing through on Tuesday, bringing highs down to the mid 80s. By Wednesday, New Orleans will have a low of 69 and a high of 83. “If (the cold front) makes it all the way out to the Gulf, then we’re going to get a pretty good couple of days of weather,” Lisney said. “We’ll have fall-like weather finally.” At the same time, south Louisianans will be keeping a close eye on the Gulf in the days ahead. A tropical depression that formed in the Caribbean is expected to become a hurricane, though the storm is currently on track to hit Jamaica and Cuba before turning east toward Florida.

I guess if I do hurricanes I can do heat as well.

Fall equinox and a record temperature
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