Courtesy of the National Hurricane Center did post a hurricane update with far more information i did in my quick one.

Hurricane forecasters are tracking two systems in the tropics, including Tropical Storm Julia, which is forecast to weaken into a tropical depression near El Salvador tonight. Tropical Storm Julia and a new wave near the southwest Gulf of Mexico do not pose immediate threats to Louisiana. It’s too early to say where the wave could head if it develops further. Julia on Monday morning was moving was moving west-northwest over the coast of El Salvador and Guatemala after the storm made landfall in Nicaragua Sunday as a Category 1 hurricane, dumping torrential rains on Central America. Here’s what we know from hurricane forecasters as of Monday morning:

Courtesy of the National Hurricane Center

Tropical Storm Julia threatens Central America

Hurricane forecasters say that Tropical Storm Julia is expected to dissipate tonight as it continues to move over the Central American coast, though heavy rainfall is still expected to continue, bringing the threat of flash flooding and mudslides to the area. As a hurricane, Julia hit Nicaragua Sunday with maximum sustained winds of 85 mph, knocking out communication and power to some areas of the country and dumping torrential rains across the area. It then reemerged over the Pacific as a tropical storm. No deaths tied to Tropical Storm Julia have been reported so far.

Tropical wave near southwest Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane forecasters say an area of disturbed weather to the north of Tropical Storm Julia is forecast to move westward towards the southwest Gulf of Mexico over the next few days. Some development of the system is possible by mid-week if it remains over water. The disturbance has a 10% chance of developing into at least a tropical depression in the next days. Regardless of development, forecasters say portions of southern Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala will receive heavy rain over the next week.

I needed some more patience this morning but I did want to do this more expansive report.

hurricane update for 10 Oct 2022 updated and expanded