Hurricane forecasters on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022, were tracking two systems in the Caribbean and the Atlantic.
(Image via National Hurricane Center)

Still the two systems with the one in the Caribbean having a 50% chance of forming a depression and still no idea if we will see it.

Hurricane forecasters on Thursday were tracking two disturbances in the Atlantic and the Caribbean that they say could develop into tropical and subtropical depressions within a few days. The next available name is Lisa if either strengthens into a tropical storm. It’s too early to tell if the disturbances could eventually reach land. Here’s what to know about the tropics as of 7 a.m. Thursday from the National Hurricane Center.

image via National Hurricane Center

Disturbance in Caribbean

A tropical depression could form early next week in the Caribbean, forecasters said. As of Thursday morning, meteorologists were tracking an area of low pressure they say could form over the eastern Caribbean this weekend. It’s expected to move west into the Caribbean.  The system has a 50% chance of developing into a tropical depression within five days. The categories, in order of increasing strength, are tropical depression, tropical storm and hurricane (categories 1 through 5). It’s too early to tell if it could reach the Gulf of Mexico.

image via National Hurricane Center

Disturbance in Atlantic

Forecasters also say a subtropical depression could form during the next couple days in the Atlantic. As of Thursday, the disturbance is an area of low pressure that stretches from the Caribbean north to the Atlantic, forecasters said. Conditions appear conducive for gradual subtropical development of the system, forecasters said, while it moves north over the next few days. It’s expected to meander over the Atlantic to the west or southwest of Bermuda. Environmental conditions are expected to be less favorable for development by the end of the weekend. It has a 40% chance of developing into a tropical or subtropical depression within five days.

We know it is there but don’t know what it will do. In this case, ignorance is probably not going to hurt us as we will learn more each day.

Hurricane update for 27 October 2022