We know that institutional climate actions need to happen, in order to keep the earth from warming above the critical 2 degrees Celsius limit.  Small individual changes alone won’t save our planet. However, this does not mean that you should feel helpless, or that your actions aren’t worthwhile.

An article in Washington Post last year lists the following 10 actions which will contribute to keeping our planet habitable.

  1. Create less food waste
  2. Ditch your grass
  3. Save coral reefs by packing smartly for your beach vacation
  4. Shop sustainably by buying less
  5. Shop sustainably by buying less
  6. Trade in for an electric car
  7. Weatherize your home
  8. Learn about the link between climate change and racial equity
  9. Consider carbon offsets
  10. Pass it on

To read the details on each of these steps, you may go to the full Washington Post article.

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